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We’re Open!

Posted in: March 2014
We’re Open!

Since the purchase of the Hummingbird House in September of 2013 we have been working so diligently with blood, sweat, and a few tears to make it represent our family and make them proud! As you read in our About Us; the Hummingbird House is a restaurant that is owned and operated by family. It is owned by me… Elizabeth Biron and my Mom, Sheryl Biron. I have always dreamed of opening a family oriented place that could represent two of the great legacies of my life. My Dad, Mike Biron, loved making breakfast and it would frequently be a special family time. My “Mema”, Elizabeth Lopatesky, was a wonderful cook who spent her later days making the local priests lunch weekly.

The Hummingbird House is not only built on a menu of family traditions and recipes but it has been incorporated into the restaurant name and logo. The hummingbird has a significant meaning because the bird would frequent the family after Mike Biron passed. Our family feels that the hummingbird would visit to let them know that the future would be great. In addition to the bird being apart of the logo the strong mountain behind it is the beautiful Burgess Adirondack Mountain where Mike’s ashes rest.

Come visit us starting at 6am on Tuesday, March 4th! We are open:

Tuesday – Sunday: 6am-3pm
Closed Monday

We will work very hard to bring “Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Times” as one of our eating rooms displays.

We are already booking some events and are so excited to have our first event March 8th to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday! I will share a post on that special day soon. We hope to see you soon and serve you a special meal or customize a special event for your occasion.

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  1. Hello. I lived in the house when I was a child. I have a 30 year reunion in October and am so excited to come back and see the house. You have done beautiful work on it.

    I will be bringing my friends for breakfast. See you then.

    Cathy Crockenberg Sciortino

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